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Stoney Brook Farm

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Manufacturer: H. Hargrove

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H. HARGROVE’S PASSIONS IS   his love for homes crafted from quarried brownstone, whether they be in Brooklyn, Boston, or neighboring Pennsylvania. “I love the ingenuity of the stonemasons, the character of the homes’ facades, and most of all for their reflection of earlier times.”

As a painter whose early reputation was founded upon Americana, his remarks are logical.

         One of the artist’s favorite destinations is Central Pennsylvania, where such homes and farmhouses abound. This area was once a center for extracting brownstone from the earth; over time, as the quarries were depleted, the railroad beds that once carried the building stones to local shipping hubs have been converted into bike and walking paths.

But the homes remain, sturdy as the rocks that formed them, each a delight to an artist’s eye. Inspiration beckons everywhere one looks.


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